Gold Decorations


Gold Dust is a wonderful addition to any flower or other decoration you make. It is simple and easy to use! There are two different types of Gold Dust you can use for decoration, Luster Dust and Pearl Dust. You can use each, depending of the results you wish to achieve. Luster dust is more metallic and has a bolder color, while pearl dust gives only a hint of color and a shimmer finish. To use, you will need a soft brush, in the size you wish to paint. Wilton has a nice set of brushes for beginners in 3 sizes.  For Luster dust, you will use a larger brush to color the flowers, where as for peal dust you usually use a smaller brush, giving the flower a golden finish but not a complete color. To achieve this strong golden cover like in these flowers, I made a Gold Color by mixing Luster Dust with an Alcohol  agent. You can learn more about this technique at this post.

gold 2

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