A little about me


This is me, with my little chihuahua Loulou, who is the biggest advocate of my sweets – no crumb that falls of the kitchen floor stands a chance against this sugar loving monster!

I have always been a passionate baker, and enjoyed the different possibilities of cake decoration. Sweets by Maya is a project I started about two years ago, selling my cookies, cakes & other sweet delights. However, I felt that just posting pictures on Facebook, or baking cakes, is not enough. I wanted to share my passion and hobby. I felt like its not enough to simply post recipes, and that is why I hope I could share with you some of the tricks and tips I learned during the years (with plenty of burned cakes along the way!) and use this as a platform to connect and learn from other artisan bakers as myself.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and don’t hesitate to comment, or send me any questions, problems or requests you may have! I promise to always do my best to answer, solve and publish :)

 Happy Baking,



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